MOTAC releases FAQ on Covid-19

In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic that is plaguing Malaysia and the whole world, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia has released a set of FAQ on Covid-19.

This set of FAQ on Covid-19 will help to answer some questions by those in the tourism industry and tourists alike. The FAQs are as follows:

MOTAC releases FAQ on Covid-19

Tourism and Culture sector

Question: Can I apply for the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)?

Answer: Yes, all new applications can be submitted through post. Documents for other applications such as withdrawal of savings and termination can be made through email

Q: Will all programmes and activities under the ministry involving the public proceed?

A: All progammes and activities involving the public have been postponed to another date which will be informed later through the ministry’s website

Q: I have made plans for a holiday in Malaysia and have made the necessary payments. Can I proceed with my holiday?

A: Under the movement control order, the public are prohibited from frequenting places including holiday destinations and tourist attraction sites. You are advised NOT to carry out your holiday plans.

Q: I have paid for my hotel to go for holiday before the MCO. Can I ask for a refund?

A: The public are encouraged to discuss directly with the hotel on the issue of refund.

Q: What is the status of the Arts and Culture Academy (Aswara) as well as National Craft Institute (IKN) students during the period where the MCO is enforced?

A: Student of Aswara and IKN who are residing in hostels are NOT ALLOWED to leave. Their well-being will be monitored including their food and health.

Q: Will museums/libraries/Istana Budaya/archeological sites/ tourist attractions be opened during MCO?

A: All public facilities under MOTAC will be closed until April 30. The full list is available in the Ministry’s website.

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Tour Companies

Q: Will tour licence operations proceed as normal?

A: No. All counter services at the headquarters and state offices as well as online service on the matter is closed until March 31.

Q: Will compounds be issued for delays in renewing tour licences during the MCO?

A: No.

Q: Can tour companies be in operation throughout the MCO?

A: Not allowed. Tour companies are not listed under essential services. Tour companies can only provide transport from tourists’ accommodation to airports and ports for the purpose of sending them home.

Q: Can tour guides conduct guiding during MCO?

A: No. Any guiding activity is prohibited during the MCO period.

Q: Can the services of tour buses and rental cars operate?

A: These services are not allowed in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan during the MCO period.

Tourist accommodation

Tourist accommodation premises (Hotels/resort/budget hotels/hotel apartments etc)

Q: Are all these premises be allowed to operate?

A: They can operate, but minimally. Guests must be in their respective rooms during the MCO period. Food and beverage services are only for in-house guests and for room service. Other facilities such as gym, swimming pool and play area and spa are not allowed. Guests are allowed to extend their stay but new domestic tourists are not allowed to check in.

Q: Can these premises accept check-ins of contract guests such as airline crew?

A: Yes they can but the guests must adhere to the MCO.

Q: I have booked at a five-star hotel but can I move to another hotel due to budget constraint?

A: For those who have to extend their stay due to the MCO, they are allowed to check in at accommodation that meets their budget. However the check-in of new domestic tourists are not allowed.

Q: What should the premises management do if a guest is Covid-19 positive?

A: They must immediately alert the nearest Crisis Preparedness Response Centre (CPRC) or health clinics.

Full Press Release FAQ on Covid-19

Full press release for FAQ on Covid-19 can be obtained at the Ministry’s website.


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