Many choices but what is the best resort in Tioman Island?

Tioman Island is an island situated in the state of Pahang in Malaysia. It takes 2 hours of ferry ride from Mersing in Johore to Tioman. I have been to Tioman once in 2014 and 6 years later, in 2020, I am back in Tioman with Amira and Zinnirah. There are many resorts to choose from and for us, Berjaya Tioman Resort is the best! In this post, we will share with you on how to get to the Resort.

How to get to Berjaya Tioman Resort

How to get to Berjaya Tioman Resort from the mainland

To get to Tioman, there are several options available. There are ferries running from Tanjung Gemok to Tioman. The busier and more famous option would be the ferries departing Mersing Harbour where several companies are operating ferries to and fro Tioman.

Bluewater Ferry ticket

As for us, our trip to Tioman is via Bluewater Ferry. It is one of the established company here in Mersing. Check-ins for the ferry can be done online after purchase. It is advisable for you to get to Mersing Harbour at least an hour before departure time to ensure that everything is in order.

Once the counter is open, you can go to the counter and get your printed ticket there. For Malaysians, please ensure that everyone’s MyKad and/or MyKid is given to the person at the counter for them to get your name on the ticket correct. For foreigners, please give your passport.

Boarding the ferry to Berjaya Tioman Resort

Before boarding the ferry, you will have to show your tickets to an officer before the departure gate and he will hand you the boarding passes. You need the boarding passes in order to get pass the boarding gate to board the ferry.

The ferry will stop at many jetties on the island. Upon reaching the island, the staff in the ferry will shout the name of the jetty and the village as well as the names of the famous resorts at that particular jetty.

Tioman, here we are!

Berjaya Tioman Resort is situated at Kampung Tekek. So, upon reaching the jetty, you will hear the staff shouts “Tekek… Tekek. Berjaya!“. When you hear this, alight from the ferry and wait for your luggage.

Where to go from Kampung Tekek Jetty?

Finally, upon reaching the jetty at Kampung Tekek, you just have to cross the bridge and a jumbo bus which says Berjaya Tioman Resort will wait for you there. Board the bus and it will take you straight to the best resort in Tioman Island!

How to get to Berjaya Tioman Resort from the jetty? Wait here for the jumbo bus.

Or if you are up for it, there is another way to get to Berjaya Tioman Resort. You can actually walk from the town to Berjaya Tioman Resort. However, it is not advisable to do so if you are coming with kids or a lot of stuff. There is a hilly area that you need to pass.

Tekek Airport

On my first day at Berjaya Tioman Resort, I actually jogged from the resort to the town and back to the resort. But more on that in the next posts!


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Disclaimer and notes: We would like to thank Berjaya Tioman Resort for this trip. All stories, reviews and opinions are truthfully ours.


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