There are many reviews but which one is the honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort?

Updated: As of June 2020, Berjaya Tioman Resort is closed for redevelopment.

Search Berjaya Tioman Resort review and surely, there are many reviews out there. However, when we read the reviews, we must be thinking, which one is the honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort? Having the opportunity to visit Berjaya Tioman Resort recently, this is our honest review of the resort.

This is our honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort

First impression of Berjaya Tioman Resort

We arrived at Berjaya Tioman Resort at around 9.00 am. Although it was Khai’s second time on Tioman Island, this is our first time at Kampung Tekek. It looks different as compared to Panuba area where Khai used to stay before. It is busier, livelier and more developed.

As soon as we exited the jetty, a Berjaya Tioman Resort bus already waited for us there. The bus journey took around 5 minutes from Kampung Tekek to the resort. Once we reached Berjaya Tioman Resort’s gate, we could see how vast the land area of the resort is.

Reception area of Berjaya Tioman Resort

This is our honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort – the first impression matters and our first impression was speechless. The resort looks absolutely stunning especially with the wooden chalets scattered around the area. Although the chalets are built from wood, they are well maintained from the outside.

Driving in from the gate to the reception’s area, we thought that having wooden chalets instead of the concrete ones add to the rustic feelings of the resort. It looks traditional and at the same time, calming.

The check-in process

After we have arrived at the reception’s area, we straightaway went to the check-in area to check-in. Check-in was a breeze especially since there were many staff around. They were very friendly and accommodating.

Honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort: check in was fast!

With Covid-19 around, how are you guys coping up?“, Khai asked the reception lady whilst she was looking through the documents. “It was difficult since people refrain from travelling, but we still have people coming over. We will do our best to make sure all guests are happy here“, she answered with a wide smile.

Checking-in was settled with a blink of an eye. They were very professional and helpful and within a short time, we were given the key to our room. We would be staying in the Junior Suite room!

Honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort’s Junior Suite Room

Before we arrived, we thought that we were going to stay at a beach front chalet (which looks amazing too upon our inspection). However, we were told that we were going to stay at Junior Suite Room and guess what, the suite is sweet!

The comfortable bed at Berjaya Tioman Resort

The room is very big, it fits our family of three perfectly. All the usual amenities are inside the room except for iron, which you must call to get one. There is a huge 42″ LCD TV, kettle, minibar and the usual offerings that you will get in a hotel room.

Zinnirah's favourite spot is the sofa

However, the best part of the room for us is the sofa and the make-up room. The make-up room means that you can get ready in private without disturbing the people in the room itself. The room is attached to the bathroom, which has a bath tub. In an era where most hotels foregone their bath tubs, having a bath tub is a bless especially when you have a toddler who LOVES to spend her time in the bath tub.

The bathroom for Junior Suite room

Since this is our honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort, let me tell you something honest about the room. Honestly, Zinnirah loves the room! The sofa especially is situated in a small living room area. We bought Zinnirah’s toys and she played with her toys there without disturbing us who needed some ‘our time’.

The turn down service at night
The turn down service is offered at night

Dining Options at Berjaya Tioman Resort

There are three restaurants at Berjaya Tioman Resort i.e. the Fortune Courtyard, Matahari Restaurant and Xuan Chinese Restaurant. Gladly, during our stay, we managed to try the food at all restaurants.

Our food at Matahari Restaurant

Our buffet breakfast on our second day and the buffet dinner during our first night were at the Fortune Courtyard. It is an open air style restaurant with timber flooring and a view overlooking the pool.

Despite being open air, it was not so hot when dining in as they have high ceilings with ceiling fans to cool the temperature down.

The food seems to be cooked with love

As for the food, there are many choices available and we were so satisfied with the food offered. In fact, there were many fruits when we were there that Zinnirah kept on feeding herself with the fruits.

Matahari Restaurant is also a very nice restaurant overlooking the ocean. We had our lunch on our first and second day at Matahari. Despite it still being the monsoon season, we were blessed with good weather. Just imagine eating lunch while looking at the azure ocean and the breeze brushed your hair and face. It was a moment that the three of us will cherish forever.

Honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort: Matahari Restaurant has a nice view!

Now, when people asked me “Are you sure you still want to go to Tioman? It is still monsoon, you know?“, I have this to answer, “Yes, I am going because as long as they are open, why not?“. Our experiences throughout these three days show that although monsoon season is not over yet, you can still enjoy the sun and the sand at Berjaya Tioman Resort!

Even plain water feels great with this kind of view
Eat with a view

Another dining option at Berjaya Tioman Resort is Xuan Chinese Restaurant where we had our dinner during our second night here. This is the only air-conditioned restaurant in the resort and while the food is great (try the fried rice!), I personally love the open air ambiance at the other restaurants.

Fried rice is awesome!

Honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort’s activities

There are several activities that you can do at Berjaya Tioman Resort. To make it easier for our readers, we will list down the activities and our thought of it:

ATV Ride

ATV ride at the resort

Berjaya Tioman Resort has its own ATV circuit. The price for the ATV ride is RM 180 for 2 pax and the ride is for an hour. It was Khai’s first time riding on the ATV. He was pretty excited but nervous when he went for the ATV ride.

TAT Turtle Sanctuary
The ATV ride will lead you here

Nevertheless, Berjaya has a great guide who clearly explained how to operate the ATV. The guide brought Khai to the hilly area of the resort until they reached the TAT Turtle Sanctuary. He told me how it was a scary ride because there are hills that he needed to negotiate as well as some rocks.

Still, when I asked him is he going to repeat the ATV ride, he answered “YES!” without a doubt.

Snorkeling at Berjaya Tioman Resort

This is the best activity to be done on Tioman Island and there is no better place to snorkel than at Berjaya Tioman Resort! Here is our honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort’s snorkeling activity: it is reasonably-priced and so easy to go!

Snorkel at Pulau Renggis

The price per pax is RM 40 and you are given an hour to snorkel. At Berjaya Tioman Resort, snorkeling is done at Pulau Renggis, which is one of the famous islands for snorkeling. Guess what, Pulau Renggis is just a stone throw away from Berjaya!

Great weather to snorkel

Again, since Zinnirah was fast asleep, Khai went for the snorkeling activity and he shared with me several photos and told me about his experience. He was so excited when he told me how he saw many beautiful fish and lively corals around the island.

The best part was when he saw a school of swordfish (or so he thought!) swimming nearby. If you are interested, you can book for your snorkeling trip at the recreation counter near the reception area.

Crystal clear water


There is a game room right opposite our room but we did not personally go there. However, if you have grown up children, you can spend time together at the game room playing games with your children. Consider it as going to the arcade but without the mat rempits often associated with such places.

Swimming pool

There are two swimming pools for the guests, the adult’s and the children’s. The pool is situated near the Fortune Courtyard and it is very well-maintained. We are very sure that your children will love the pool.

Pool for adult

We went to the pool on our second day at Berjaya Tioman Resort. There is a funny story when we were at the pool.

Before Zinnirah made a scene

Khai was swimming at the adult’s pool whilst Zinnirah and I were having fun at the kid’s pool. However, Zinnirah kept on calling for Khai and later, he joined us. When the three of us were happily splashing the water all over us, suddenly, Zinnirah kept quite. Then, she said “poo poo!”.

Khai swiftly get Zinnirah out of the pool and she laughed at us! Such a cheeky girl! (Do not worry. She was wearing a waterproof and poo poo-proof swimming pant!)

The Beach!

What is a beach resort vacation if you do not go to the beach, right? This is our honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort’s beach: it is splendid!

Honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort: the beach is splendid!

Berjaya has a long and wide beach and they are, as everywhere else in Tioman, very clean. Although the sand is brown (not the white powdery type), it is still fun to spend some time at the beach.

The sandbank
The sandbank

At Berjaya, the low tide is during the day and during late afternoon is the high tide. During low tide, there is an area where a sandbank will surface and everyone can go there and just lie down to sunbath or enjoy the unobstructed view of the sea. During high tide, the sandbank is submerged in the water.

Walking along the beach at the resort
Zinnirah on the beach

The three of us did just that. We walked along the beach, had a picnic on the beach and when it got too hot, we find a place with shelter and spent our time sitting on the beach.

We had fun! Yes, our honest review of Berjaya Tioman

Khai even had his own sweet time jogging on the beach during our second day at the resort.

Our final say: honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort

Our final say, Berjaya Tioman Resort, despite being one of the oldest resorts on Tioman Island, has not lost its charm. Its rustic village feeling is what you need for a short and relaxing getaway.

We were here! Our honest review of Berjaya Tioman

Staying at Berjaya means that you don’t have to go anywhere else because everything is being provided for under one roof. If you ask us whether we want to stay at Berjaya again, undoubtedly our answer will be a screaming YES!

Sunset at the Resort. This is our honest review of Berjaya Tioman

With Covid-19 and the Movement Restriction Order currently in place in Malaysia at the time of writing until 14 April 2020, it would be a great idea to go to Berjaya Tioman Resort to spend some time with your family members once this predicament is over.

We love Berjaya Tioman Resort. Our honest review of Berjaya Tioman

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And we have a gift for you guys. If you are planning to stay at Berjaya Tioman Resort, make a booking at their official website here and enter the promo code: KAKIJALANS. You are entitled for a 10% off from your booking.

A gift for the readers of our honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort

The offer is valid until 31st December 2020. So, go ahead guys! Plan your holiday at Berjaya Tioman Resort, ya!


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Our honest review of Berjaya Tioman Resort


Berjaya Tioman Resort is a resort on Tioman Island managed by the Berjaya brand which has a nationwide and world presence. It is situated at the southern part of Tioman Island, 5 minutes drive from Kampung Tekek.

Rating (Maximum 5 stars):

  • Value for money: 5 stars
  • Location: 5 stars
  • Customer service: 4.5 stars
  • Security: 4 stars
  • Cleanliness: 4.5 stars
  • Facilities: 5 stars
  • F&B:  4 stars

Overall: 91.4%


We would like to thank the management of Berjaya Tioman Resort for the opportunity to stay at the resort. All views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely ours. ‘Where To Stay‘ is the series for accommodation reviews by Kaki Jalans.


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.


  1. Wow, the last and only I went to Berjaya Tioman Resort was 20 years ago and looks like things have not changed much – which is good!

    I’d also like to commend Zinnirah for eating fruits, my little one is so averse to it unless it is in form of an ice-cream.

    • And they are very well maintained too, which is good. It is my first visit and I loved it already!

      Haha I am so glad that at 1 1/2 years, Zinnirah is yet to be a picky eater (and hopefully will never be) . I hope she stays this way! Thanks Uncle Dan!

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