Borders are closed. Travels are restricted. So, how to travel during lockdown?

The whole world is in crisis at the moment. Most countries have closed off their borders due to Covid-19 pandemic while a few others are considering to do so. We are living in a time of uncertainty. In Malaysia, Malaysians are not allowed to go out of the country. As more and more countries closed their borders, people like us are starting to miss travelling. So, how to travel during lockdown? Is it even possible to travel during lockdown?

How to travel during lockdown? Thank you Google Earth!

Some of you might be wondering how to travel during lockdown and whether it is possible to do so. Of course, real travel is not allowed since borders are closed, airlines are cancelling their flights and the virus is spreading everywhere. However, apart from reading travel blogs and travel videos as well as looking at your old travel photos, there is another interesting way to travel during lockdown. Say hello to Google Earth!

Why Google Earth?

Well, by reading travel blogs, you can imagine the journey. If you watch travel videos, you can feel like you are travelling at that particular place. However, with Google Earth, not only can you reminisce your previous travel journeys, you can also explore more. You can go to the areas that you did not manage to go during your visit. You can see what else are there in and around the area. Everything can be done within the comfort of your own house.

To travel during lockdown is possible  by using Google Earth
Use Google Earth to travel during lockdown. Choose Launch Earth

How to travel by using Google Earth?

Simple. First, you go to Google Earth website here. Then, you click Launch Earth. After Google Earth is launched, you click the search button and find the place that you want to travel to.

Click Search to search the places that you want to go
Click Search to search the places that you want to go

For example, I want to ‘visit’ Hotel Adornes in Bruges, the hotel that we stayed in during our backpacking trip to Europe. So, we just key in Hotel Adornes and the aerial view of the place will be shown.

It is possible to travel during lockdown!

Then, by using your mouse, you can move around the area and even scroll to go nearer to the place that you want to explore and travel during lockdown. The 3D visuals are so impressive that by using Google Earth, you can explore many parts of the world and it feels like you are there! So, you can still travel even during lockdown!

A close up view of the area near Hotel Adornes
A close up view of the area near Hotel Adornes
The photo taken at the same spot during our visit
The photo taken at the same spot during our visit

We hope that by sharing this article, we will help you to virtually travel during lockdown and to minimize the impact of lockdown in your everyday life!


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