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ETS (Electric Train Service) is a train service in Malaysia connecting Padang Besar in the North to Gemas in the South. After the demise of the overnight train, the ETS replaced the overnight train as the medium-high speed train in Malaysia. It only take 4 hours to reach Penang from Kuala Lumpur from 9 hours previously. Initially, there was no class for the ETS but late last year, KTM launched the business class ETS. Read further for our ETS Business Class comprehensive review.

Our ETS Business Class comprehensive review
Welcome to ETS Business Class. The coach is fully-carpeted.

How to buy ETS Business Class Tickets

ETS Business Class tickets are available at KTM Website and through the mobile apps (KTM Mobticket). At the moment, there is only one ETS Business Class coach from KL Sentral heading towards Padang Besar and one from Padang Besar to KL Sentral.

If you are heading north, the ETS Business Class coach is available for the 8.30 am train. On the other hand, from Padang Besar, the ETS Business Class coach is available for the 3.40 pm train. If you are buying the ticket from the website, you can see if there is any ETS Business Class coach at the booking page. The ETS Business Class coach usually occupies Coach A.

How to buy the ticket - ETS Business Class comprehensive review
Choose Business Class for the Business Class coach.

During our trip from KL Sentral to Hua Hin by train, we managed to buy the ETS Business Class tickets. We were so glad we did as we really wanted to try ETS Business Class. It was difficult to get a ticket since it was newly launched and the seats were limited.

As KTM has changed the ticket pricing mechanism in March 2020, the price for the ticket is not based on the destinations. They are now using the ETS Flexi Fare system where the ticket price will depends on several factors. You can check more on that here.

ETS Business Class Comprehensive Review: Business Class Lounge

As Business Class passengers, there is a lounge available at KL Sentral for the passengers to wait for the train. The lounge is situated on the 2nd floor, near the Food Court. While it is commendable to have a lounge, many aspects can be further improved.

Lounge - ETS Business Class comprehensive review
Business Class lounge at KL Sentral

Firstly, there are no clear directions to the lounge. We managed to get to the lounge after reading from other blogs. In fact, when we arrived at the 2nd floor, we only saw signage for the First Class lounge, which is the class for the now-defunct overnight train. Maybe KTM can add more signage and inform Business Class passengers on the availability of the lounge.

Secondly, the lounge is quite outdated. The sofas available are the ones that was used since years ago. Maybe, some of the sofas can be changed to give the passengers a more luxurious experience that will be remembered.

Inside the lounge

The lounge is just a simple lounge with sofas and toilets. So, if anyone has to do their business before boarding the train, it can be done in the lounge. There is also a dedicated lift from the lounge to the platform.

So, the Business Class passengers will be taken straight to the platform after checking-in at the lounge. However, the only problem with this is the fact that there is only one lift available. During our trip recently, the lift had to make three separate trips to bring all the passengers down. Some of the passengers even opted to walk out of the lounge and use the normal entrance to the platform.

On board the train - ETS Business Class comprehensive review
On board the train, ready to go!

Nevertheless, it is a great effort on KTM’s part to give extra services for the passengers on ETS Business Class. We can see progress on that and we hope that it can be further improved. That is our ETS comprehensive review on the lounge.

ETS Business Class train

ETS Business Class occupies the same train as standard ETS classes. As such, they are using the same toilets and bistro that are already available on the train. However, ETS Business Class is a class on its own. Here are our ETS Business Class comprehensive review about the coach and the reasons why:

Some of the things in the train
A hook, ticket stub holder, plug and USB ports are available on the seats.

ETS Business Class has larger leg rooms

As compared to standard ETS trains, ETS Business Class has larger leg rooms. As such, a 5-hour journey from KL Sentral to Padang Besar feels extremely comfortable. During our trip to Hua Hin, we took the ETS but flew out of Hua Hin by Air Asia. During the flight, we could feel the significant difference on the leg rooms. ETS Business Class has so far the best leg rooms among other modes of transportation.

Huge legroom - ETS Business Class comprehensive review
Large legrooms and the tray has ample space in between the legs.

In-train entertainment and Internet

The ETS Business Class is different from its standard counterpart because it has an in-train entertainment system. In the coach, apart from the usual info-screen which plays movies on repeat, it has a personal in-train entertainment system. There are musics and movies to choose from, though choices are rather limited.

Info-board with movies
Info-board with movies on the ceiling.

You can also order food from the screen and browse the Internet directly. However, we did not order food from the screen. We also tried to browse the Internet but it was so slow, we decided to just use our phone instead.

Personal in-train system
In-train entertainment system.

However, the fact that ETS Business Class provides an in-train entertainment system is an achievement to be applauded.

Earphones for free
Complimentary for ETS Business Class passengers.

ETS Business Class comprehensive review: The Food!

There is a reason why we did not order any food from the in-train system. The reason being, ETS Business Class really take great care to ensure the passengers are happy – by food! For Business Class passengers, food is included in the ticket price. The food is served not only once, but thrice!

Breakfast on board
Lunch served.

Firstly, they will serve breakfast as soon as the train leaves Kuala Lumpur. For breakfast, they will serve you some kuih, juices and cheese tarts. Then, close to noon, they will serve you lunch. During our trip, we were served with nasi briyani. After lunch, it is tea time and for that, they serve you with coffee or tea together with some peanuts.

Tea time
Coffee or tea, sir?
Coffee - ETS Business Class Comprehensive review
Coffee for us.

With that amount of food throughout the journey, there was no need for us to buy another food at the bistro!

Perfect seating arrangements

Another plus point for ETS Business Class is its seating arrangements. While standard ETS has 2+2 seating configurations, ETS Business Class employs 2+1 seating arrangements. So, it has more room to move about in the coach.

Pedal - ETS Business class comprehensive review
Step to change direction.

Apart from that, you can choose which direction that you want to face in the train. For example, if you are facing south when the train is heading north, you can call the stewardess for help. The stewardess willl then help you to change the direction.

Stewardess help in ETS Business Class
The stewardess will help to change the direction.


In conclusion, KTM has what it takes to get more passengers to travel on their train with ETS Business Class. Having tried the Business Class ourselves, we strongly believe that this is the way forward for KTM. Although you will pay more than standard classes, the extra services that they provide make it worth the extra penny.

Try today!
We recommend people to try ETS Business Class.

So, if you are thinking of travelling by train in Malaysia, try the ETS Business Class. You will love it like we do!


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