Is Resort de Paskani worth staying? Let’s read our review!

There are many accommodation options in Hua Hin, from cheap guesthouses to 5 stars hotels. As a favourite destination especially among Western retirees, there are many nice seaside hotels to choose from. Hua Hin is also gaining traction among holiday-goers in Malaysia. Before our trip to Hua Hin, we read a lot of reviews on where to stay. Finally, we decided to stay at a boutique resort – Resort de Paskani. Is Resort de Paskani worth staying? We would say YES! Continue reading for our review of the Santorini-inspired resort in Hua Hin.

Is Resort de Paskani worth staying? Here is our review!

Why we chose Resort de Paskani

After we bought our train tickets to Hua Hin, we were looking for a place to stay in Hua Hin. We searched online and there are numerous options to choose from. It was so confusing as most of the resorts look nice and they all have good reviews. Our criteria for accommodation in Hua Hin is that it must be a seaside accommodation and have a swimming pool.

The view from Resort de Paskani. Is Resort de Paskani worth staying? We think yes!

One day, while browsing through Facebook, someone posted photos of Resort de Paskani and it was like love at first sight. After looking through the photos, read some reviews and did more research, we decided that we were going to stay at Resort de Paskani.

Where is Resort de Paskani

Resort de Paskani is situated at 33/2 Soi Moobaan Takiab, Hua Hin, 77110, Thailand. When we first arrived at Hua Hin train station and had our breakfast at a Halal stall nearby, we booked a Grab to the Resort. Although we have booked a car for our trip to Hua Hin, our car booking starts on the next day, so we have to use Grab (Uber-like ride sharing apps) to get to the Resort.

Some of the rooms at Resort de Paskani.
Some of the rooms at Resort de Paskani.

We told the driver that we are staying at Resort de Paskani. Her reaction was “Wow, that is a nice place! But the road into the Resort is narrow“. Then, she asked us whether we are driving in Hua Hin. We answered in affirmative and she asked us to be careful when driving in and out of the Resort.

As we were approaching Resort de Paskani, indeed she was right. The road leading towards the Resort is a narrow one and it is situated near a curve. So, coming out from the Resort would be a challenge if there are many traffic and we must exercise caution.

Our first impression!

As the car enters the Resort, we were in awed! The Resort is situated exactly by the beach and there is an access road from the Resort’s entrance to the beach. The light blue and white tones of the building reminds us of Santorini. True, we have never been to the Greek’s world-famous seaside town, but this is the closest that we can get. It is absolutely amazing.

If you ask is Resort de Paskani worth staying, look at the photo. It is definitely worth a stay!

Another thing that struck us was how clean the Resort is. Although most of the buildings are white in colour, they do a great job in ensuring that the buildings are well-maintained and spotless. In fact, we found the housekeeping every now and then, keeping the place in tip top condition all the time.

The rooms at Resort de Paskani

There are several room types at Resort de Paskani. The most expensive ones are the rooms with pool-access. We did not stay in this type of room because when we were making our booking, the price is close to RM 1,000 per night. So, we decided to stay at another type of room which is the Deluxe Room with Terrace. At the time of booking, it was RM 300+ per night.

Judging from the photos when we made the booking, it looked like a real deal. In real life, it looks more stunning. The room is on a different block than the pool-access rooms. Since we booked a room with terrace, we were given a room on the upper floor.

Our room is the one on the foreground.
Our room is the one on the foreground.

The room has privacy since it is situated afar from where most of the rooms are. Apart from that, the most interesting part is that there is a small pool right in front of our room. So, it was a real deal after all. An almost-pool-access room with one-third of the price.

Let’s have a peek inside the room

Our room has a queen-sized bed with a raised platform just beside the bed. The room has a very interesting feature in which all the racks are made of concrete. Instead of buying a TV rack or workstation, they incorporated everything in its concrete design. The white paint splashed all over the room gives the room a relaxing and wide-spaced feel.

In contrast, the wardrobe’s door is a contrasting blue and other items such as the beach bag and cushions are in different contrasting colours.

All the usual amenities in a hotel room is provided by Resort de Paskani. In addition, they replenish the home-made banana chips (must-try!) everyday as well as the juices inside the minibar.

So, if you ask us is Resort de Paskani worth staying, yes it is worth staying at this Resort!

Pools at Resort de Paskani

There are two pools at the Resort and being pool lovers, we tried both pools throughout our four nights stay here. The first pool is the one that is exactly in front of our room. It is very small but still, we had fun swimming in the pool.

Especially because the pool area has an unobstructed view of the ocean. After swimming, I even managed to get some time off reading on the deck while overlooking the vast ocean.

This is the main pool. Is Resort de Paskani worth staying? Of course it is!
The main pool at Resort de Paskani.

The second pool is on the main block where most of the rooms are. The pool is large and if you are staying in one of the pool-access rooms, you are going to have a hard time resisting the temptation to jump for a swim. Nevertheless, we are of the opinion that these rooms might have a lack of privacy as compared to ours. This is because, everyone can have a peek inside your room from the pool!

The choice is yours but whatever it is, staying here is definitely going to be the best decision that you are going to make.

Breakfast at Resort de Paskani

Although Resort de Paskani is a boutique resort with a Santorini-inspired theme, the breakfast that they provide is on par with other major hotels and resort that we have ever been to. There are many choices for you to choose from, though being Muslims, our choices are rather limited.

Resort de Paskani breakfast

During our 5 days at Resort de Paskani, we tried almost everything that we could eat and none had been a disappointment. They also serve cafe-standard coffee for free, be it cappucionos, lattes or Americanos. The coffees are made for you with such care and passion and they serve in a pretty light blue cups.

Is Resort de Paskani worth staying? With this breakfast, you bet!

Even though Resort de Paskani is not a 5-star Resort, they manage to serve you with great choices of food, friendliness and quality, that you will surely miss once you return to your home country.

So, is Resort de Paskani worth staying? Again we say, it is worth staying at this beautiful Santorini-inspired resort.

A gem in Hua Hin

Looking back at the photos of our stay at Resort de Paskani upon our return, we both agree that we miss this place badly. This is the resort where they treat you like family. From the receptionists to the security guard, the housekeeping ladies to the waiters and waitresses at the restaurant, everyone works hard to ensure that we stayed comfortably.

We were happy at Resort de Paskani.
We had fun at Resort de Paskani.

Although our time at the Resort is short, we managed to have a very relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The services that Resort de Paskani offered were extraordinary. The designs and the amenities in the Resort are top notch.

Is Resort de Paskani worth staying? With friendly staff, it is!

If we ever return to Hua Hin, there is no other place that we will stay at. Resort de Paskani has won our heart, big time. If you plan to stay at Resort de Paskani just like we did, you can make your booking here.

Resort de Paskani is a gem in Hua Hin.
A gem in Hua Hin.


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    • Yes, it is amazing. It looks amazing, feels amazing and truly amazing! We tried both pools and we had absolute fun!!

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