Hua Hin is a nice seaside town in Thailand. While there are Halal food there, the choices are rather limited. So, where to find Halal food in Hua Hin?

Thailand is a Buddhist-majority country. However, it has a sizable number of Muslims especially those from the Deep South. As we travel to Thailand further north, the numbers of Muslims are lesser. As such, it will become more difficult to find Halal food. Since Hua Hin is a town closer to the central area of Thailand, we expect Halal food to be difficult to find. However, we were wrong. There are a few choices of Halal food in Hua Hin. Where to find Halal food in Hua Hin? Read further!

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Where to find Halal food in Hua Hin? Near the train station!

1. Halal food in Hua Hin near Hua Hin Train Station

During our trip to Hua Hin, we took the train from Kuala Lumpur to Hua Hin. Soon after we arrived in Hua Hin, we were looking for a place to have breakfast. Since we did not really have a rigid itinerary or did a thorough research, we did not know where to find Halal food in Hua Hin.

Where to find Halal food in Hua Hin? Near the train station has a few!
One of the stalls near Hua Hin train station

To our surprise, after we left the train station, there are a row of stalls just nearby the train station and some of the stalls are Halal stalls! There is a stall selling usual Thai dishes such as tom yam and pad kraw pau, a stall selling roti, a stall selling beef noodle and a stall selling yellow rice. So, if you are looking for a Halal food option in Hua Hin, go to the train station area where there are a few options.

2. Roti Teh Tarik Muslim Food

We do not know what is the exact name for this restaurant because the name is in Thai. However, on Google, this place is known as Roti Teh Tarik Muslim Food. It is situated exactly beside TH Beach Hotel. We had our dinner twice at this restaurant. While the food is okay – nothing spectacular – the roti however is something to die for.

Where to find Halal food in Hua Hin? Roti Teh Tarik Muslim Food!
Roti Teh Tarik Muslim Food

There are a lot of choices for roti and you will get confused when it comes to ordering. Not all staff can speak Malay, so if there is none, you have to use body language to communicate.

3. A Halal Stall Near the Junction to Memory House Cafe

This is a place which we went to by chance. On our way to Memory House Cafe, we have not had our lunch yet and we were starving. As we exited the Highway to go to Memory House Cafe, there is a 7-Eleven near the junction. Initially, we were planning to buy our lunch at 7-Eleven. Then, as we walked towards 7-Eleven, we saw a stall just beside 7-Eleven and a banner in Thai with a Halal logo in Jawi script.

Where to find Halal food in Hua Hin? A stall near 7-Eleven!
Chicken rice at this stall
Beef noodle at the store
The beef noodle is worth trying!

So, we decided to change our plan and have lunch there instead. The stall offers chicken rice and also beef noodle. The beef noodle is really recommended. This place is not one which cater to tourists since when we were there, we only saw locals eating at the stall. The staff (or maybe the owner?) also cannot speak Malay or English. We had to use sign language when ordering. Gladly, we succeeded!

4. Where to find Halal food in Hua Hin? 7-Eleven is another option!

We don’t know why Malaysia’s 7-Eleven is not as amazing as Thailand’s. In Malaysia, 7-Eleven is just another neighbourhood store. Whereas in Thailand, we could spend up to THB 500 and have our bags filled with a lot of amazing food and stuff. Entering 7-Eleven is like entering a mini shopping centre. And Thailand’s 7-Eleven is also another option to find Halal food!

7 Eleven is also a place to find Halal food in Hua Hin
Many cheap and Halal options in 7-Eleven!

Some stores have dedicated rack for Halal food while others do not. However, you have to be careful when choosing the food in 7-Eleven. Only choose the one with a Halal logo on its package! If you are looking for something new to try, try the CP Chilli Cheese Hotdog. It is worth trying!

5. Food Market inside Market Village Hua Hin

If someone is asking you “where to find Halal food in Hua Hin?“, consider the Food Market inside Market Village Hua Hin as another option. There are two halal stalls at the food court. However, they do not sell local Thai food. Instead, one is selling Arab food and another, Turkish food.

Turkish and Arab options in Hua Hin
A Turkish stall inside Market Village Hua Hin
Turkish food in Food Market
Turkish food in the mall

6. Mooz Hua Hin

Mooz Hua Hin is another place where you can find Halal food in Hua Hin. It is situated not far from Roti Teh Tarik Muslim Food, around 2 minutes by car. Mooz is also the name of the Muslim-friendly hotel that they run. At Mooz, you can find many local food which taste amazing. I would rate Mooz Hua Hin 4 stars for the food.

Where to find Halal food in Hua Hin? Try Mooz!
The food in Mooz is absolutely delicious!

Mooz is also air-conditioned, so it is very comfortable to eat there. The only drawback would be the price, since it is on the higher side. Nevertheless, we would really recommend those who are looking for Halal food to eat here since the tom yam is top-notch!

The food in Mooz
The food in Mooz.

Tips in finding Halal food in Hua Hin

Although Muslims are the minority in Hua Hin, surprisingly, it is not that difficult to find Halal food options. However, to make it easier for you to find one, here are some tips from us:

  • Look for Halal or crescent sign. Normally, this indicates that the food they are selling is Halal.
  • Look for women in Hijab – they can be the one selling the food or the one patronizing the stalls. Either way, chances are the place is Halal.
  • Ask around! Hua Hin people are friendly and if you ask, they can show you. In fact, we went to Roti Teh Tarik Muslim Food after we asked the Grab driver on our first day. Initially, we wanted to eat at Mooz but it was closed. So, we asked him where are the other Halal food options and he brought us there.

We hope that you enjoyed this article. If you have any other suggestions on where to find Halal food in Hua Hin, drop your comment below!

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