Many people know about the Taiping Lake Gardens. But that is not all about Taiping

Taiping is a small city in the state of Perak, Malaysia. Despite a city, Taiping has a small town vibes, thanks to the lush backdrop of Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hills and the laid-back lifestyle of its people. When we talk about Taiping, many people know about the Taiping Lake Gardens. But is that all? If you have at least one day in Taiping, where can you go? Having the chance to visit Taiping during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) in Malaysia, we will list down some of the places that you can go in Taiping!

What to do if you have one day in Taiping?
A pre-war building in Taiping

Have a jog at Taiping Lake Gardens if you need to spend one day in Taiping

If you have a very limited time in Taiping, this is the one thing that you MUST do! Taiping Lake Gardens is big but what differentiate it from other lake gardens in Malaysia is the rainforest trees. The rainforest trees in Taiping Lake Gardens aged hundreds of years and they are considered as the icons of Taiping. In other cities in Malaysia, the city council will chopped down old tress once they had fallen onto the ground. However, in Taiping, the city council tries their best to preserve the trees.

Taiping Lake Gardens can be visited if you have one day in Taiping
A serene view of Taiping Lake Gardens

In fact, a few years ago, they closed one section of the road at the Lake Gardens from motor vehicle traffic to preserve the trees. You can read the news here. The Lake Gardens is also a favourite place for movie producers to shoot their movies. So, if you get to spend one day in Taiping, have a jog at the Lake Gardens!

Fallen trees in Taiping
Fallen trees are preserved in Taiping

One Day in Taiping? Visit Zoo Taiping and Night Safari

If you have one day to spend in Taiping and are considering a road trip, why don’t you go to Zoo Taiping? Zoo Taiping is close to the city and even closer to the Lake Gardens. It is one of the zoos in Malaysia which opens at night and turned into a Night Safari. There are many animals which you can see close-up. It is also one of the best zoos in Malaysia with a 4-star review in Google from 9,000 reviewers.

Taiping Zoo can be visited when you only have one day in Taiping
Taiping Zoo entrance

Get some adrenaline rush by riding an ATV

If you are adventurous and looking for some adrenaline rush, you can also ride on the ATV in Taiping. If you have only one day in Taiping, riding an ATV on an offroad trail is a must do! The ATV activity can be done at ATV Adventure Park Larut and here, you can ride the ATV along the lush forest. But fear not, the friendly people at the ATV Park will lend you a hand and will guide you throughout the ride.

One day in Taiping? Try ATV!
ATV time!

The ATV Park is situated near the War Cemetery en route to Bukit Larut entrance.

Taiping War Cemetery

Taiping War Cemetery is a must-stop for you to reflect the services of the fallen. If you are planning to go to the ATV Park, you will pass through the War Cemetery, a memorial to remember the heroes during the war from 1939 to 1945. Its white cross and tombstones might look eerie for some, but there is also some sort of calmness when you are looking at the cemetery, especially with the mist from the hilly area.

I did not know about the existence of this War Cemetery. I accidentally found it while having an evening jog around the area. There was only myself when I reached there. It was so quiet and I took some time to feel the calmness of the area before other joggers arrived. If you have a short stay in Taiping, have a visit here and you will surely feel that serene feelings.

Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hills) can be visited if you have one day in Taiping

Another place that you can visit if you have a day in Taiping is Bukit Larut. I have written about Bukit Larut before but let me tell you again, this is one of the best places to cool down when you visit Taiping. Despite being a hill, it is quite cool up here due to the lush greeneries surrounding the area. You can choose to walk up, jog up or hop on a jeep which will take you up there. Bukit Larut is also famous for being the wettest place in Peninsula Malaysia.

Bukit Larut, Taiping
Pump your heart by jogging up Bukit Larut!

Mural hunting!

Calling all street art lovers! Apart from Georgetown, Shah Alam and Gopeng, Taiping is also gaining traction as one of the cities in Malaysia with amazing street arts. What’s interesting about street arts in Taiping is that it depicts the history of the city as well as history involving the city itself. For instance, there is a mural of Amelia Mary Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. The infamous aviator who went missing during her flight actually stopped to refuel her plane at Tekah Airport in Taiping back in 1937.

Do mural hunting if you have one day in Taiping
One of the murals in Taiping. There are no less than 10 murals in this city

The mural received some backlash from netizens for its historical significance but for me, history is history. She did make a stop in Taiping and that connects her to the city.


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