Thinking of heading to Taipei after Covid-19? Here is a 3 days 2 nights in Taipei itinerary for you

We have previously written a 4 days 3 nights in Taipei itinerary but sometimes, time is not on your side. You may only have 3 days 2 nights in Taipei to spend. So, here is our 3 days 2 nights in Taipei itinerary to help you plan your visit to this charming city.

Day 1: Late Afternoon – Visit Taipei 101

A must for a 3 nights in Taiwan trip - Taipei 101

So, you just arrived in Taipei and have rested in your hotel. What are better ways to start exploring Taipei than to visit the iconic Taipei 101! It is an architectural wonder since Taiwan is a country prone to earthquakes and typhoons. 3 days 2 nights in Taiwan is meaningless without a visit to Taipei 101. Apart from a visit to the observatory, don’t forget to check out the wind damper which is one of such kinds in the world. If you are here to admire the exterior of the tower, then the cost is FREE! Otherwise, it costs NTD600 for a trip into the tower. You can come here during late afternoon and enjoy the view as it turns into night time.

Cost: NTD 600 (RM 87) per person

The unique wind damper at Taipei 101

Day 1: Dinner at Beef Noodles restaurant

Eat Taiwan beef noodle during 3 nights in Taiwan

Taiwan is famous for its food scene. There are a lot of Taiwanese food that is worth a try. Although similar to the dishes in mainland China, Taiwanese have used their creativity to alter the menu and made the dishes as their own. One of the dishes that you must try in your 3 days 2 nights in Taiwan trip is their beef noodle.  The broth is so delicious and there is a tinge of spice in the soup. After you have done admiring Taipei 101, walk for 15 minutes where you can find a tasty, affordable and Halal beef noodle. One of the best-kept secret Halal options is the beef noodle shop at the basement B2 level of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi store opposite Taipei 101. Just google ‘Halal beef noodle Taiwan’ and you will find the location.

Cost: Around NTD 200 (RM 29) per standard bowl

Day 1: Post dinner – Walk, Eat and Shop at Shilin Night Market

Shihlin - a must visit during 3 nights in Taiwan

After dinner, you can straight away go to Shilin Night Market. Shilin Night Market is the most-famous night market in Taiwan. It is the place to go for food and to shop. Many street food in Taiwan are available here. Apart from that, Shilin Night Market is also the best place to buy shirts and dresses without haggling. The prices of many items are reasonable and there are also price tags to indicate the price. It is also very easy to get to the night market. Just take the MRT to Jiantan station or the Shilin station.

Reasonably cheap

Cost: Depends if you are a shopaholic or not? If you are, well the sky is the limit! If you are not, maybe spend around NTD 2000 (RM 291) here?

Day 2: Book a package and go for a trip to Yehliu Geopark, Jiu Fen Old Street, Shifen Waterfall and Shifen Old Street

Since you only have 3 days in Taipei, sometimes there are many places that you want to visit and so little time, right? This is when it is a bless to have companies offering package trips to several destinations not only in Taipei but also to nearby areas. You can check online for companies selling such trips, such as Klook, which provides for such trips with a reasonable price.

A natural wonder - Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark is a must-visit site for nature lovers out there. It is a very unique place in Taiwan, situated next to the ocean near New Taipei City. The mountainous landscape turns to a barren desert-like atmosphere once you enter Yehliu Geopark. The main attractions at Yehliu Geopark are the rocks which are eroded in time due to the wind and other natural reasons.

If you visit during summer or early autumn, consider bringing umbrellas since the sunshine can be unforgiving. The main star at Yehliu Geopark is the Queen’s head, where its neck gets thinner and thinner every year. If you don’t visit soon, the head might be separated from the neck due to the erosion, so plan your visit here today!

Jiu Fen Old Street

Visiting Jiu Fen Old Street tells us a lot about its history

Jiu Fen Old Street is an old gold mining town. When the amount of gold diminishes, the authority decided to transform this place into a tourist attraction. This place is overwhelmed with visitors trying out all the famous Taiwanese dishes and tea. Many souvenir shops are available here too if you want to shop for some. When visiting Jiu Fen, check out the zigzagging and the narrow alleys of its buildings and you might even get surprised with the view from some of the spots there.

Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall, amazing cascading falls

Some people might ask, “why do you visit Shifen Waterfall when even Malaysia has many beautiful waterfalls?”. The answer is simple. If we want other visitors to visit our waterfalls, why can’t we visit others’ too? The cascading falls at Shifen Waterfall are calming and breathtaking, to say the least. Some liken it to the Niagara Falls in the USA but Shifen Waterfall is pretty on its own. You even have to walk on the hanging bridge crossing the river to get here. An experience that you will always remember.

Shifen Old Street

Release paper lanterns at Shifen Old Street during 3 days 2 nights in Taipei

This is definitely a must-go in your 3 days 2 nights in Taiwan itineraryShifen Old Street is a bustling street located on a railway track which is still being used up until now. You can fly paper lanterns here but if you do not plan to fly the paper lanterns, there are many tea shop where you can try and have a sip while people-watch and looking at the trains as they pass by.

Cost: NTD 549 (RM 80) per person

Day 2: Night time – Shop till you drop at Ximending during your 3 days 2 nights in Taipei visit

Ximending, shopping area can be visited during 3 days 2 nights in Taipei

Taiwan is also famous for its fashion and shopping centres. There are numerous shopping centres and places available for you to empty your wallet before heading back to your home country. One of the places that you can visit during your 3 days 2 nights in Taiwan trip is Ximending. Here, you can find the world-famous Xing Fu Tang bubble tea store as well as the Taiwan’s famous JJ Fried Chicken. Apart from that, if you are looking for well-known brands, Ximending is the place to go.

Cost: Again, depends on how serious you are about shopping! With many well-known brands here, you might shop till you drop! As long as you have some savings to return home, that should be fine though.

Drink Bubble Tea during your Ximending visit

Bubble tea to be tried during 3 days 2 nights in Taipei

Bubble tea is a craze in Malaysia ever since Chatime entered the scene a few years back. Bubble tea, which originates from Taiwan is a tea-based drink or sometimes milk-based, which includes ‘bubbles’ which are made from tapioca. There are many bubble tea stores in Taiwan, from the renowned ones to the small locally-based ones. When you are at Ximending, try the original Xing Fu Tang or if you are an adventurer, try other local brands instead!

Cost: Cheap, so cheap!

Day 3: Today is your last day. Can you still go somewhere during your 3 days 2 nights in Taipei? Yes, if your flight is at night, consider visiting the Taipei Zoo!

Panda at Taipei Zoo during 3 days 2 nights in Taipei

If you still have some time, you can still squeeze in some visits on your third day. If you have always wanted to see a panda, head over to the Taipei Zoo. The fee to enter the Taipei Zoo is just NTD 60, which include the opportunity to see not one, but two pandas. The place is also huge but there are many animals not seen in the Malaysian’s zoos. Go early in the morning so that the climate is colder, the crowd is lesser and you will have more time to spend before heading home!

Cost: NTD 60 (RM 8) per person

Day 3: Afternoon – visit Maokong by taking the cable car

Maokong can also be visited during 3 nights in Taipei trip

After visiting Taipei Zoo, you can go up the Maokong area by taking the Maokong Gondola. The Gondola station is a short walk away from Taipei Zoo MRT Station. Maokong is a mountainous area near Taipei which offers a breathtaking view of Taipei as well as the tea plantation. The weather here is also more pleasant due to its altitude although not so significant. While here, enjoy the view of Taipei from afar and visit the tea houses where they serve tea brewed from the locally planted tea leaves. The ride on the gondola is half an hour and you can pay by using your Easycard or buy a ticket on site.

Cost: NTD 212 (RM 31) per person

Are you ready to embark on a 3 days 2 nights in Taipei trip?

There you go, your 3D2N travel itinerary to Taipei, Taiwan. You have covered all the interesting places to visit and the cost is not that expensive too! Say if you go alone, the cost per person, excluding the shopping and eating would be just around RM 200 only! So, if you are planning to go to Taipei, this might be a good kick starter for you to plan it well!


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.

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