Many of us have visited Melaka but there will always be something new to try. Here are 8 must-try in Melaka!

Melaka is a favourite not only among foreigners but also for Malaysians. That is why the traffic in Melaka always goes crazy come weekends. Apart from the historical aspect of the city, Melaka is also famous for its food. In this post, we will share with you 8 must-try in Melaka, a UNESCO World Heritage City!

1. Eat asam pedas claypot

Asam Pedas is one of the local Malay dishes often associated with Melaka. Its spicy, sour and savory taste is something that will leave your taste buds craving for more. There are many asam pedas restaurants all over Melaka. However, if you want to try something different, head over to Asam Pedas Claypot restaurants at Taman Kota Laksamana. One of the famous ones is Restoran Asam Pedas Claypot and within the vicinity are some other restaurants such as Asam Pedas Claypot Pokok Besar.

8 must-try in Melaka: Asam Pedas Claypot
Asam Pedas Claypot Restaurant

Be warned though, parking is limited in this area and if you opt to eat at the more famous ones, you might have to wait to get seated.

8 must-try in Melaka - a serving of asam pedas claypot
A serving of asam pedas claypot

2. Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball

Apart from Malay dishes, Melaka is also famous for its Peranakan food. Peranakan is an ethnic in which the Malays and the Chinese in the old days inter-married and this created an ethnic group in which the culture and the food are intertwined. One of such dishes is the chicken rice ball. However, most, if not all, of the chicken rice ball restaurants are non-halal.

8 must-try in Melaka: chicken rice ball!
Ee Ji Ban halal chicken rice ball

However, Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball restaurant is 100% halal. Apart from the chicken rice ball, they also serve authentic Nyonya (Peranakan) dishes. The chicken rice ball costs RM 0.40 each and for us, 20 pieces were more than enough to get us full. The restaurant is also featured in TV3’s Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan and has been visited by celebrities and dignitaries such as the Queen of Selangor.

3. Masjid Cina Melaka

This is a hidden gem since not a lot of people know about this place. We did not know about the existence of this mosque and stumbled upon it when we saw the signboard and decided to have a look. Masjid Cina Melaka is basically a mosque for normal congregations. Nevertheless, its design sets it apart from other mosques’ design in the country.

8 must-try in Melaka: visit Masjid Cina
Masjid Cina Negeri Melaka

Instead of having the usual dome and minaret, the mosque chooses Chinese architecture as its design. If there is no signboard, one might thought that this is a Chinese temple or something. The unique design is something that we can appreciate, especially if you are into buildings and architecture. That is why Masjid Cina Melaka is included in the 8 must-try in Melaka!

4. Local Asam Pedas!

We have mentioned about the claypot Asam Pedas. Another food that you must try in Melaka is other asam pedas restaurants. Since there are plenty restaurants selling asam pedas, it is quite a challenge to find one that could cater to your cravings. However, try to be adventurous and just try any local asam pedas restaurants that you found. They might surprise you!

5. A must-try in Melaka: Visit the historical buildings!

This is definitely a must-do when you are visiting Melaka. With history spanning more than 600 years, Melaka is the best place to learn about Malaysia’s history. After all, the great Melaka Malay Sultanate was founded in this very city, enabling the European powers to come for the spices before eventually occupying the city.

8 must-try in Melaka: visit the core heritage area!
Dutch Square, Melaka

Many historical buildings have been converted into museums and as a museum lover, I have visited almost all of the museums. You can also have a walk around the Dutch Square area and immerse yourselves in the moment, imagining how life was back during the Dutch occupation.

8 must-try in Melaka: Queen Victoria's Fountain, built by the British in 1901
Queen Victoria’s Fountain, built by the British in 1901

6. Ride the trishaw (beca)

When you are in Melaka, one of the things that might caught your attention is the abundance of beca or trishaws. They were used as a mean of transportation back then but today, they are maintained as one of the tourist attractions. With a fee of RM 25 (as at December 2020), the trishaw will make its round along the historical areas, passing through the A’ Famosa, Dutch Square as well as the Taming Sari Tower.

The best time to ride on one is at night, when the colourful LEDs are turned on making it visible and attractive. The only downside for us is the blaring music from the loudspeakers installed on the trishaws. It might be best if they play traditional music, instead of dangdut and techno music which have little significance to the historical ride that you are going to experience on the trishaws.

7. Eat Cendol

Cendol is a shaved ice dessert served with coconut milk and palm sugar. It is one of the favourite desserts among Malaysians. There are many cendol stalls in Melaka, but our personal favourite is the Cendol Jam Besar, situated near the clock tower on the Dutch Square. While the taste is ordinary, the best part of eating the cendol here is its strategic location. Since it is situated by the riverside, it is fun to people-watch while having your cendol. That is why this is one of the 8 must-try in Melaka!

8 must-try in Melaka: The best spot for cendol in Melaka
The best spot for cendol in Melaka

8. The best for the last – must try in Melaka: Calanthe Art Cafe

We save the best for the last. The final place to try in our 8 must-try in Melaka list is the Calanthe Art Cafe. This cafe is situated near Jonker Street and we really recommend this cafe to coffee lovers and Nyonya food lovers. The cafe offers 13 states coffee, each with distinct taste according to how locals drink their coffee in the respective states.

8 Must try in Melaka - the best laksa!
The best laksa in Melaka!

Apart from that, another must-try from their menu is the Nyonya laksa. Their Nyonya laksa has been listed as one of the Top 50 Laksa to try in Melaka. We have tried it and we must say, it is the best Nyonya laksa that we have ever tried! They also sell souvenirs as well as the laksa paste to those who want to try and make it at home.

There you go! Our 8 must-try in Melaka list. We have written quite a few articles on Melaka, you can also find them below:


We are Khai and Amira, Malaysian travel bloggers behind Kaki Jalans. Our travels have taken us to almost all the countries in Asean and several countries in Europe. We are still actively travelling and adding to this list.


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